Trash the Dress

From Wikipedia:
"Trash the dress", also known as "fearless bridal" or "rock the frock", is a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant clothing with an environment in which it is out of place. It is generally shot in the style of fashion or glamour photography. Such photography often takes place on a beach, but other locations include city streets, rooftops, garbage dumps, fields, and abandoned buildings. The woman often wears a ball gown, prom dress or wedding dress, and may effectively ruin the dress in the process by getting it wet, dirty, or, in extreme circumstances, tearing or destroying the garment."

I personally enjoy the Trash the Dress photo shoot because it is a stress free photo session.  The wedding is over and the bride and groom are more relaxed.  We can do a Trash the Dress shoot weeks, months or even a year or two after the wedding.  I'll give you a discount if you book it at the same time that you book the wedding photography. --  John Arty
Click on the link for a music video of all the pictures from the photo session.